From 2001 to today.

Author photographer in 2001 to major sailing events, to sponsor and Printing, Gilles has invested in a creative cycle to its practice, since 2005, with landscape photography to the coast. He began work on the tides of Wissant in Cancale, and especially Normandy, his native region.
The sea, between heaven and earth, the tides generate a first exhibition accompanied by a multimedia narrative and a session with music and poetry, in summer 2011, in Varengeville sur Mer, Manoir d’Ango. < br> Around books "Tides" tidal forces around the full and new moons sets the tempo high tides; "I wanted to express the magnitude and pace of the currents, the water movement in space and time, imperceptible to the naked eye".

Photographic navies of Impressionist Normandy, in the exhibition "Water Ephemeral", certified in 2013 on the theme of water, Grenier in Honfleur Salt, summer, and the Chapel of the College of Eu, autumn ; With concept and experimenting with shapes, colors and the alchemy room to abstract nature, Gilles publishes a book about the great outdoors, as intimate as grandiose.
In winter 2013, the art library Radar Gallery, Bayeux, dedicated an exhibition to the shores. It launches its limited edition.

On a still, facing the sea, the movement of a large spill, three photographic short films are created in 2014 and 2015, with a writing and photography "Mouvance Marine", "Shore Camera" presented to the artothèque Gallery Radar (February 2015) and "the Tide of the Century," projected at the Festival of words the Tide (Autumn 2015), in Caen.

Today, he deepened his artistic field to the maritime illustration and open spaces "Landscapes", focused on the abstract matter and imagination.

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